Ryan McCarthy (1st Assistant Director)
Erin Hughes (Director of Photography)
Alex Sherman (1st AC)
Rob Dolan (Gaffer)
Lauren Gingras (Best Boy)
Mickey Jacobs (Dolly Grip)

Brad Cannady (Special Effects Director)

Sarah Jeanne Perry (Production Designer)
Kaitlin Martin (Art Director)
Kelsey Welker (Costume Designer/Wardrobe)
Charlie N. (Props Master)
Derek Bishe (Construction Coordinator)
Lena Rush (Construction Coordinator)
Jesse Gentry (Set Dresser)
Betsy Peoples (Makeup)
Anna Bihari (Set Designer)

Derek Katzer (Sound Mixer)

Lehr Beidelschies (Co-Creator/Writer/Director/Producer)
Dimitri Simakis (Co-Creator/Producer/Lead Artist)
Brian Kamerer (Producer/Music Director)
Nic Maier (Producer/Art Director/Editor)
Vinod Gundapanenni (Producer/Consultant/Photographer)

Claire Smalley (Producer)
Eric Marsh (Producer)
Andrew Stasiulis (Producer)
Matt Irvine (Producer)
Dan Klein (Producer)
Hadrian Belove (Associate Producer)
James “Destination A-Go-Go” Meinhold (Associate Producer)


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