Two best friends discover that the pornography they buried in the woods as teenagers has grown into a full-fledged Sex City! Hailed as gods of this “glorious” civilization, the two friends must choose between their real-world responsibilities and their newfound paradise. Who will survive… and what will become of them?

EPISODE 1: “The Road to Sex City”
After 20 years apart, Dean and Larry reunite at their “friend” Vinod’s wedding. After catching up, Vinod informs them that his company is building a brand new church in the same woods where they “used to bury stuff”. Fearing their past perversions will be exposed, Dean and Larry head back into the woods with shovels, only to discover that their secret has sprouted into some sort of tree-top municipal corporation – made entirely out of pornography.

EPISODE 2: “Enter… Sex City”
Using a rope ladder, Dean and Larry climb onto Sex City. At first in awe of their creation, the boys encounter a townie with a fetish for “teeth-tapping”, and quickly realize that they must burn Sex City to the ground before anyone notices it. However this act of attempted arson riles the local sexy cop, who arrests Dean and Larry on the spot.

EPISODE 3: “The King(s) of Sex City”
After meeting a friendly furry in jail, Dean and Larry are soon brought before the King of Sex City, and his fiancee Sheila, who take offense to their claims of ownership and orders they be killed in the least arousing way possible. The boys go into a huddle and try to come up with a plan.

EPISODE 4: “We Built Sex City”
Larry realizes they must prove ownership of Sex City to survive, and convinces Dean to create a diversion. While Dean busts out a catchy, impromptu rap song, Larry replaces a missing piece of pornography in the wall, causing the room to glow. Now hailed as gods, Larry and Dean are offered a tour of the City.

EPISODE 5: “The Call to Sex City”
After Dean lives out a 3D fantasy in one of the city’s many “Blue Rooms”, Larry forces Dean to return to their lives in the Real World.  After several months cold turkey, Dean finally convinces Larry to return to Sex City, if only to finish burning it to the ground.

EPISODE 6: “Burn, Sex City, Burn!”
Splashing gasoline to and fro, Larry ventures to a dark part of town where an old shopkeeper offers to build him a robot of himself. Back in Sex City, a bored Dean stumbles into a gift shop and falls in love with a unicorn. Meanwhile, the shopkeep finishes Robo-Larry and Larry instantly falls in love with it, despite his best efforts to resist.

EPISODE 7: “Sex City, Here We Come!”
Basking in their newfound loves, Larry and Dean are finally convinced to stay in Sex City once and for all. But just as the boys settle into their new lives, the King demands that they go out and spread the gospel of Sex City — so that he can sell t-shirts and tickets. After some debate, Dean and Larry ultimately refuse to sully their beautiful civilization. Little do they know that Vinod has followed them to Sex City…

EPISODE 8: “The Shadow of Sex City”
Little by little, Dean and Larry’s relationships begin to fall apart: Larry’s selfish love-making drives Robo-Larry to create a robot of himself, and Dean is sickened to learn that the love of his life is not a woman in a unicorn costume, but is really a mythological horse. The boys are determined to find the bright side of Sex City, however, until they discover that the King has recruited Vinod to promote Sex City to the masses.

EPISODE 9: “The Fall of Sex City”
Seeing Sex City ruined by commercialization, Dean and Larry decide to leave, but soon discover they can’t find their way out. Dean realizes that the only way to leave Sex City is to “not look at it”, but just as the city begins to collapse on itself, Larry looks back one last time. Dean wakes up, alone in the woods, finding a lone magazine with Larry screaming on the cover. Dean buries the magazine, determined to return to Sex City and rescue his friend.


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