Hey everybody… I know it’s been a while since I’ve actually posted, but so much has happened since we began production that my brain sort of shifted into survival mode for a few months. Here’s a rundown of what happened:

-We finished 80% of production by the end of January. It was a pretty massive undertaking, looking back — at one point, I almost lost my voice completely, but it actually made my character sound a lot more annoying during the childhood flashback, so it worked out rather well. Overall, we shot just under 70 rolls of digital footage at 4-5K, tallying up to roughly 4TB.

-We scheduled the remainder of the shoot for mid-May, and I spent the next few months dealing with the following: finishing my degree, teaching my first college course, doing freelance work to recoup some of the budget, working my regular 9-5 job, helping Nic assemble/edit EIT’s newest release Comic Relief: Zero, preparing to move to LA, and managing/editing that 4TB of footage to prepare it for post production. Oh, and my dad and my wife got sick. Like, hospital-sick. It was a rough few months.

-We eventually finished up production at the end of May and I was finally able to assemble a rough cut of episodes 1 and 2 (working on number 3 at the moment). Episode 1 contains very little CG, but it’s enough to really help me formulate the best workflow for the post-production process and what programs to use. I’ll post my findings on that subject in the next few days.

But now that I’m officially in Los Angeles and Comic Relief Zero is about to be released, I’m officially back to the grind.

I have a lot more to share, but I’m going to get back into the habit of writing an entry a day, so stay tuned. Much more to come.

Before I stop, however, I want to thank everyone who helped me through this rough patch. I wasn’t the easiest to be around a lot of the time, and you all deserve a lot of credit for keeping me sane when all I wanted to do was make snow angels in my own filth.


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