SEX CITY TOUR: “The Cinefamily” Movie Theater

This is the part of the journal where I introduce some of the background elements we’ve been working on.

"Sinefamily Theater - First Pass Render", by James Kelly

“Sinefamily Theater – First Pass Render”, by James Kelly

So there’s this wonderful little place in Los Angeles called the Cinefamily. It’s literally the first place I ever went to in LA (and actually the last place I was during my last visit).

It holds a special place in my heart for a number of reasons, including: it’s the physical home of all three Everything is Festivals!, and I worked there for four months last year, fulfilling my lifelong dream of scooping popcorn in a movie theater (No joke. I’m weird). This place has burned itself into our lives so many times, it’s hard to even remember all the memories. Here’s one, for example.

In short, they’ve always been very good to me and EIT. And since much of Sex City was developed while I was sweeping popcorn from under the seats, I thought the least I could do was put the damn thing in Sex City.

So the first thing I did this summer was pass off a few photos to my lead modeler, James Kelly (who is awesome), and commission the building from him. I personally think he did a great job.

The Real Cinefamily

The Real Cinefamily

I particularly wanted James to leave the signage blank (they’ve been lobbying to replace “Silent Movie Theatre” with “Cinefamily” for years, but haven’t been able to — mostly because of funding, but also because many people would be up in arms about it, since its a historical landmark).

So, as a present to Hadrian and Suki and Mya and Alex and Zena and Brendt and Tara and Tara and Robinson and Jordan (RIP) and everyone else I’m forgetting as I type this (sorry!), I had another student make a brand new neon sign for them (which I will post soon)…

I should also note that Hadrian was one of our biggest backers during our Kickstarter in October, earning himself an Associate Producer credit. If you have money to spend, you should help support his Kickstarter for the restoration of the theater. Believe me, it’s money well spent.


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